A faithful replica of the classic
late '70s micro preset synth...
         plus a few extras..

Kork M500 Micro Preset

Featuring a custom 'tape fx' section, to emulate the effect of tape compression, as well as damage - listen to the audio demo to the left for an example of how this affects the dynamic of the synth.

Recorded without tape, to preserve the purity of the waveform. Near 100 year old interstage transformers were used in the sampling, along with valves to provide extra high end sizzle and dimension.

Contains two sets of NKIS - both for NI's Kontakt 5.1.0 (Full versions only)

Special thanks to Steve Porter at Synth Magic for the scripting and providing the lovely space reverb impulse response.
Samples recorded with  Ferrograph series 6 pre-amps
and a chain of vintage transformers

660 meg instant download

Pay via credit card or PAYPAL


£20 (+VAT in EU)